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The Amino Accell™ Diet Plan

Summary of allowable 750 calorie diet foods (Phase2) with caloric values for those dieters who absolutely would not feel comfortable without more details:

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

100 grams of Lean meat: 3 ½ ounces (raw) / 3 ounces (cooked)

Lean Beef, veal, chicken breast, turkey breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab or shrimp.


You may use 4 eggs (1 whole plus 3 whites), ½ cup fat free cottage cheese occasionally as your protein or 1 serving of pure, unsweetened whey protein.

Fruits: Pick 2 fruits per day

Vegetables: Pick up to 6 cups of non-starchy vegetables per day – mixing is allowed

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: (1) 3-4 ounces of one Lean meat or white fish: (weighed raw), Grilled or baked:


1). Beef   a) Steak

                b) Extra Lean Ground Beef

                c) Beef, Roast

2) Buffalo

3) Veal

4) Chicken breast (skinless/boneless)

 5) Wild Chilean Sea Bass

6) Wild Flounder

 7) Wild Sole

8) Wild Halibut

9) Lobster

10) Crab

11) Shrimp

 12) Tuna in water

 13) Tilapia

 14) Turkey Breast

 15) All Wild Game

• (2) Fruits Allowed: 

                   Apples, Apricots (raw), Blackberries, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes, Loganberries, Mulberries, Plums, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Tomatoes

• (3) Vegetables Allowed:

                   Asparagus, Bamboo shoots, Bean sprouts, Cabbage, Celery, Chives, Cucumbers, Garlic, Leeks, Onions, Parsley, Pimentos, Radishes, String beans

• (4) All Lettuce and Greens Allowed


Anything may be eliminated if desired. But remember to keep both body and mind healthy regarding food and eating. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for your future healthy lifestyle.

Seasonings: As long as there is no sugar or starches added to the seasonings it is allowed. (Walden Farms-best)

Drinks Allowed: Plain spring water, La Croix (carbonated water with natural flavors), mineral water, tea, coffee, are the only drinks allowed, but they may be taken in any quantity and at all times. You should drink about ½ of your body weight plus about 20 oz. of water per day.


Breakfast: 1 meat, 1 serving of vegetables

Lunch: 1 meat, 1 fruit, 1 serving of vegetables

Dinner: 1 meat, 1 fruit, 1 serving of vegetables


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Phase III & Forever Fit™  Diet Plan

40-50 grams complex carbohydrates per day (subtract total grams of fiber from total grams of CHOS = Total grams of CHOS

45-60 grams (3 2-3 oz servings) Proteins/day – women

60-70 grams (4 2-3oz servings) Proteins/day – men

Fruits: 3 servings/day

Fruit servings: 4 apricots, 1 cup unsweetened apple sauce, 1 cup berries, ½ cup cherries, ¼ figs, 1 grapefruit, 1 kiwi, 1 orange, 1 peach, 1 pear, 1 plum, 1 apple, ½ papaya – avoid: melons, dates, raisins, grapes

Vegetables: 6 cups of low glycemic index vegetables/day – avoid: beans and legumes, beets, chicory root, corn, peas, yams, potatoes, pearl onions, and tomato puree.

Meats/Proteins: All whole natural meats, eggs, and fish are acceptable. Avoid: processed meats, hotdogs, breaded meats and meats with added sugar. ( ½ cup cottage cheese, 2 eggs, ½ plain yogurt = ~ 2 oz serving of meat)

Fats: 3-4 Tbsp fats/oils per day ( ~2 tsp/meal)  ¼ cup nuts and seeds per day (avoid peanuts and cashews), ½ cup olives, 1-2 Tbsp salad dressing with no added sugar

Sugars: Stevia ONLY. Avoid: processed sugars, agave nectar, honey, pure maple syrup

Grains: Avoid all grains (breads, rice, oats, pasta, torillas, chips)

Dairy: 2 slices hard cheese (swiss, parmesan, cheddar, or ¼ cup shredded cheese, ½ cottage cheese, ½ cup plain yogurt, 2 Tbsp heavy cream, 1 Tbsp butter. Avoid: all other dairy.


Day One:

Day One:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with mushrooms, onions and peppers.

Drinks: 6 oz. water/ coffee/ tea

Breakfast: ½ cup Greek Yogurt with 1 cup mixed berries

Drinks: 6 oz. water/ coffee/ tea

Snack: 2 cups cut up cucumbers and tomatoes marinade in red wine, balsamic or apple cider vinegar with spice mix.

Snack: 1 apple with ¼ cup almond butter

Lunch: 3 Cups lettuce with sunflower seeds, tomatoes, cucumbers, and 2 hard boiled eggs with 3 Tbs. dressing

Lunch: 3 oz. chicken breast and 1 cup of non starchy vegetables.

Snack: ¼ Cup mixed almonds and 1 cup berries (or other fruit i.e. Grapefruit, apricots, cherries)

Snack:  1 cup celery and carrots with ¼ cup almond butter

Dinner: 3oz. protein with 3 cups of non starchy vegetables

Dinner: 3oz. protein with mixed lettuce, vegetables and 3 Tbs. dressing

Proteins: Each of below portions represents approximately 15 grams of protein

Dairy: Low Fat Cottage Cheese

            Low Fat Yogurt

½ Cup

½ Cup


2 Large

Egg Whites:

4 Large

Lean Meat (organic, free range are best):

2 Ounces

Whey Proteins:

1 Scoop (20 grams)

Fish: Salmon, Mackerel, Trout


3 Ounces

2 Ounces

Oils/Fats: Each of below portions represents approximately 6 grams of lipid

Flax, Pumpkin, Walnut Oils (not to be cooked):

2 tsp

Olive, Grape seed, Coconut, Butter (for cooking):

2 tsp

Seeds (Flax, Pumpkin (omega 3 rich) Sesame, Sunflower (omega 6 rich)

1 Tbsp

Nuts: Walnuts, Hazelnuts (omega 3 rich), Almonds

1 Tbsp


1 Tbsp


2 tsp

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Recommended Amino Accell™  Protocol :

• .75mL – 1mL taken 3x/day. Hold dose under tongue for 2 minutes and swallow remainder.


• For best results, do not eat or drink 15 minutes before or after Amino Accell™.


• 3mL  Armor Detox™ / day. 1mL under tongue for two minutes taken three times daily. May take at same time as Amino Accell™.


• Remain adequately hydrated during diet. 100-120 fl.oz of daily water intake is recommended


• For best results, Amino Accell™ should be accompanied with a whole food multivitamin/ mineral supplement to be taken twice daily.


• Stop additional fat soluble vitamins and oils while on Amino Accell™. Avoid all digestible fats and oils (sunflower, olive, coconut, sesame etc)


• Dietary protocol is to be administered for a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 40.


• Check your calendar and choose a period of time that will allow for a restricted eating plan.


• If you have: 10-20 pounds to lose chose 21 day plan

  20 or more pounds to lose chose 40 day plan (multiple round if needed)

• Amino Accell: 1 bottle for 21 day round. 2 bottles for 40 day round

• Armor Detox: 1 bottle for 21 day round. 2 bottles for 40 day round


• Avoid adding any fats or oils back into diet until 48 hours after stopping Amino Accell


• Upon starting Phase III/Forever Fit diet plan, user may add good fats back in to diet.

• See Forever Fit diet plan for foods allowed for next 3 weeks. Continue to avoid grains and sugars.

• May use Forever Fit at 1mL twice daily to continue appetite suppression and weight loss.


• If sensitive to alcohol, it can be evaporated out by placing open bottle of Amino Accell™ and Armor Detox™ in pan of boiling water. Turn off heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

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"I found this calorie restricted diet to be simple and easy to follow. Cravings for favorite foods diminished as I went along. Almost never felt hungry or tired. I found it extremely helpful to focus on what I could eat rather than what I couldn’t eat. I’ve so far lost close to 50lbs, 2 sizes in clothes and am very pleased wth the results." – M.G

"Since starting on the diet plan, I have lost nearly 20lbs. I haven’t weighed this little since high school and I can get on a pair of jeans that I’ve been saving in my closet since college! I am 54 years old and that has been a long time ago. My energy was incredible and was not hungry on the diet phase. I am now on maintenance and continue to feel great!" – K.R

"When I started, I was 273 pounds, eating a lot of unhealthy foods and drinking too much beer. I was 55-60 pounds overweight for my body size and height. I started the program and did 40 days on the diet. I lost over 1.5 pounds a day and transformed my eating habits. I reset my body weight to 220 pounds after the 40 days." - J.R.




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